How to Open SoroTouch Class

Interested in opening a mental calculation class?

We welcome everyone who…

  1. Believes that acquiring image mental calculation and calculation skill in the suitable ages is important
  2. Education institutions and beginners for education business
  3. Believes that not only the ICT materials but also classrooms and teachers are important
  4. Loves children and have passion for education

Features of Centers

  1. SoroTouch is the instructor. Teachers are facilitators.
    SoroTouch will complete the students’input. Centers will be the place for output. SoroTouch centers provide fun classrooms where students can smile while learning.
  2. “SoroRoom” supports the class operation efficiently
    Learning state of the students can be understood at a glance. Realization of adaptive learning reduce the burden of class preparation by enabling tests to be printed out with questions that fits the levels of each student.
  3. Analysis on Learning History allows the optimization of each students’learning
    We collect the data about when and how much the students used SoroTouch and which problems they got wrong.

Please contact us!

If you are new to the education business, we offer school franchise opportunities where we support you from inviting students and open a “SoroTouch Center”.
If you have your own education institution already, you can use your expertise and experience in “SoroTouch Course” through our Partner Program.


How to Start SoroTouch Class

STEP1 Apply for consultation

If you are interested in opening a SoroTouch Center or start a SoroTouch course, please apply from here for individual consultation. We will give you all the information you need in order to get started, including our vision.

STEP2 Contract

After the conclusion of the contract, we will assign a SoroTouch Center consultant from the headquarter, who will support you until the opening of the class. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.

STEP3 Orientation

We will give you an online orientation on how to use the app and the class progress.

STEP4 Preparation

Start promoting your class through flyers and SoroTouch trial lessons.

STEP5 Begin SoroTouch Class

SoroTouch Center consultant will keep supporting you. Let’s expand the possibilities of children together!

Individual Consultation for Opening a Class

Please apply for consultation if you are considering starting a class.
In this seminar, we will give you all the information you need in order to start a SoroTouch Center/Course.

・Online Consultation (via Zoom)
 [Time] 10:00 – 17:00 (Time required : 1 hour)

・Consultation at our office (will also visit the class)
 [Time] 14:00- 15:00- 16:00- (Time required : 2 hours)
 [Place] SoroTouch Iidabashi Lab Center

※Please give us multiple dates/times you prefer on the “Message” of the contact form.

Please feel free to contact us!

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