Iidabshi Lab Center

Start off by visiting our center with your children and see the class in action!
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any time during class time listed below!

The Iidabashi Lab Center was founded in 2011, teaching over 300 students. This center was the ver first location for SoroTouch. As a lab center, the students, teachers, parents, and even university research teams, all work together to further expand the capability of education.

<Iidabashi Lab Center>Enrollment Process

1. Please look at the time table below and find a class date and time that indicates "Currently Open"
2. After confirming an open time and date that works best for your child, please contact us to confirm a spot in the center for your child.
※We highly recommend visiting the center or going to an information session before enrolling

Enrollment RequirementPre-School to 2nd Grade (Born between April 2010 and March 2013, little to no experience with soroban or math)
Enrollment Fee ¥11,000(Tax not included)
Monthly Tuition Fee Once a week ¥10,000(Tax not included)45 times a year(There is no transfer / leave system)
※This fee includes the monthly "SoroTouch" app usage fee of ¥3600

※The 2018 class calendar can be accessed here (PDF)

※An iPad or iPad mini (iOS 9.0 and above) and Wi-Fi at home is necessary to use SoroTouch
※We may ask for participation in our research trials at the lab centers
※The app may need to be updated multiple times a month
※It is necessary that the user is able to fully understand instructional videos and be able to read and write
※An email address that can accept automated emails and receive files/videos is necessary

Class Time Table<1 class, 60 minutes>

◎:Recommended ○:Currently Open △:Few Seats Remaining ×:Full
We highly recommend visiting and viewing the center, as well as joining an information session before enrolling!

Day (Instructor) 3:00 pm~ 4:00 pm~ 5:00 pm~
Monday (Murakoshi) ×
Tuesday (Murakoshi)
Wednesday (Murakoshi) × ×
Thursday (Yamauchi) × ×
Friday (Murakoshi)


Iidabashi Center Instructor Introductions

SoroTouch Certified Instructor Miki Murakoshi

Studied abacus in childhood. I believe that the ability to calculate is extremely important in order to survive and succeed in the current society, in addition to understanding different languages and having interpersonal skills. The abacus is a handy tool in facilitating such calculation process by utilizing mental calculation, which can become one of the most valuable assets in life. I am honored to take part in SoroTouch utilizing my knowledge of abacus and applying it on their system. I put effort in trying to make learning enjoyable and understandable as possible for my students. My favorite part of teaching is too see children's eyes sparkle once they figure something out, telling me, "I did It! I can do it!" excitedly. Using my experience raising children, I would like to support expanding the endless possibility of each of the students by empathizing with them, and also with their parents.

SoroTouch Certified Instructor Kazuki Yoshida

Graduated from the Education Department of Chiba University where he received a training in teaching elementary school students. During my schooling years, I worked as a private tutor and a music class instructor. After graduation, I began working at my local city office. I believe that mental calculation is the foundation of logical thinking in children. By learning SoroTouch every day, it becomes an experience of success, and the ability to mentally calculate cultivated here greatly expands future choices. My aim is to create a rich learning environment for all children by communicating daily with both the parents and the students. I hope to be able to teach in a way that allows for the students to enjoy their learning experience!

SoroTouch Certified Instructor Chika Yamauchi

I would like to help create an unforgettable experience for children through SoroTouch. By implementing the abacus mental arithmetic method into technology, I believe that education will become more efficient and customized for each individual. In SoroTouch, students go over the curriculum materials by completing missions every day at home. At the center, we make sure that the students are effectively learning the material. By gathering at the center, students enjoy competing and cooperating with their friends in games. The center experience provides students with a great time with the other students and instructors. I always wonder what would optimize potential capabilities in each student. By using history data and advanced IT technology, I hope to improve education from different aspects, along with students and their parents.

Classroom Location

〒102-0071 2-11-14 Fujimi Chiyoda-ku Uchida Building 2nd Floor
Tel:03-6380-9192(Weekdays 10:00 AM ~ 19:00 PM)

  • 3 minute walk from JR Iidabashi Station West Exit
  • 10 minute walk from Kudanshita Station
For center tours, information sessions, and center visits