Center Student

Everyone enjoys learning together!

Pump up your motivation through competing with friends and with the teacher's encouragement!


SoroTouch Center is where students can come and learn in a classroom setting.
Center Students will come in once a week and show the results of their week long study at home.
Students help and compete with one another, which creates an atomosphere that increases motivation as well as deepening the level of understanding.

There are many types of centers!

1.SoroTouch Lab Center: Focus on developing teaching curriculum
2.SoroTouch Center: The exclusive classroom experience designed for SoroTouch students
3.SoroTouch Course: Learning course conducted at an educational institution

An original bag and pin will be provided to new users at all centers, as well as different services depending on the center
Please see the Center List to choose a center location.

How to sign up

STEP 1 Contact us

Please pick a center from the Center List and contact the center of your choice.
※We recommend visiting the center before making your choice

STEP 2 Sign up procedure

After the initial sign up, please fill out the necessary information on the application form.
After receiveing the initial cost and confirmation of transfer, we will instruct you on how to install the app.

STEP 3 Setting up your Tablet

Please go to the App Store then download and install SoroTouch on your Tablet
※Wi-Fi is required in order to use SoroTouch

STEP 4 Start learning!

Please confirm that the app works before coming to the first class. Once all preparations are done, feel free to start practicing using the app! All you need when coming to the center is just your pencil and the bag we provided!
※We have Tablets at the center for classroom use

Please contact the center of your choice!

For center tours and observations, please pick the center of your choice from the Center List and contact the center of your choice directly.