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Message from the President《1》


President Yasunobu Hashimoto

Through experiencing achievements which builds confidence in numbers, children will acquire a growth mindset and perseverance. These factors are significant for pursuing passions within any field.

STEM education is important to foster creativity.
Mathematics is the foundation of creativity, as is clear from the current world where computational thinking and first-principles thinking create new values for society. However, it is unrealistic to teach mathematics from a very young age. Arithmetic is the universal language and calculation is the gateway to it. However, children struggle with math at an early stage oftentimes. We aim to build confidence in the language of science, and eventually mathematics, the universal language in the world, through fostering children’s calculation skills.

Through experiencing achievements, children will develop a growth mindset and perseverance. These two factors will give them the ability to pursue their passions within any field.
Through SoroTouch we can maximize the potential of children.

Message from the President《2》