About us

Thoughts on “SoroTouch,” developed by mothers

The appeal of SoroTouch produced from the perspective of mothers

Guardians and staffs become one and shapes mothers’ ideas


One of the main features of SoroTouch is that it has been developed by incorporating the opinions of many mothers. Many of our staffs are mothers, so their parenting experience gives us many ideas such as what interests the children and how to reach out to them when they are struggling. By combining digital technology with the unique perspective of mothers, we develop advanced and warm education materials.

Close communications between mothers create new ideas

We are connected to the guardians in many different ways. We exchange information on a daily basis through telephone, email, and LINE. First, students in the Lab Center try out the new ideas we come up with. Then we check the students’ reactions in the center, receive feedbacks on their behavior at home from the guardians, and make changes immediately if improvements are found. This is how the current SoroTouch has been created.

Tips noticed through learning record

By looking at the comments from the guardians and comparing the learning record data gathered through SoroTouch, you can see the children’s hard works and the problems they are facing, which you did not notice. Give compliments, help, and improve so that they will not stumble. We challenge ourselves to bring the power of mothers together so that children can improve their mental calculation ability while having fun.