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Company Profile

Company Name Digika Co.,Ltd.
Address 2-11-14 Fujimi Chiyoda-ku Tokyo
TEL 03-6380-9192
FAX 03-6380-9179
Establishment Jun.19th 2009
Representative Chairman Chika Yamauchi
President Yasunobu Hashimoto
Capital 53,000,000yen
Major Shareholders Chika Yamauchi
Yasunobu Hashimoto
GCI Capital
Banker Mizuho Bank Kudanshita Branch
Business description Operation of mental calculation training center “Karutore”
Development of app”SoroTouch”
Education support services utilizing e-learning
2017 Jun. “SoroRoom”, an app for the center operation management released on App Store.
2017 May “SoroPad”, a free touch-screen abacus app released on App Store and Google Play.
2017 Apr. Karutore Suidobashi Center opened.
2017 Mar. “SoroOchi”, a free game app, released on App Store.
2017 Feb. Started to accept applications for SoroTouch Partner Program
2017 Feb. Karutore Mita Center opened.
2017 Jan. Karutore Otsu Center opened.
2016 Dec. Started a joint research with The University of Tokyo.
2016 Oct. “SoroTouch”, a mental calculation learning app, launched on App Store
2016 Mar. “SoroTouch” obtained a patent as a mental calculation learning support equipment.
2015 Jun. A class for research at Poppins Nursery School Hiroo started
2014 Apr. New curriculum of “Karutore” started
2012 Nov. Karutore Aoyama Lab Center opened
2011 Dec. Karutore Iidabashi Lab Center opened
2010 Sep. Fujimi Abacus School started
2009 Sep. Abacus e-learning support business started